Winston Churchill: “The Voice Of Winston Churchill”

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Genre: Non-Music, Classical, Brass & Military, Political, Speech, Spoken Word, Marches, Romantic


A1 'You Ask What Is Our Policy' ('Without Victory There Is No Survival')

A2 A Proclamation. Washington

A3.1 'Corporal Hitler'

A3.2 Hiroshima And Nagasaki

A4.1 Ribbentrop

A4.2 War, September 1939

A5.1 Fall Of The Government

A5.2 Prime Minister

A5.3 'Whatever Happens At Dunkirk'

A5.4 Dunkirk Evacuation

A5.5 'Fight On The Beaches'

A5.6 'Their Finest Hour'

A5.7 'Never In The Field Of Human Conflict'

A6.1 Invasion Of Britain

A6.2 Battle Of Britain (September 15, 1940)

A6.3 'Like The Mississippi, Let It Roll'

A6.4 Battle Of The Atlantic

A6.5 'Give Us The Tools'

B1.1 Victory V Broadcasts: To The Italian People: To The Polish People: To The French People

B1.2 'United We Stand, Divided We Fall'

B2.1 'Hitler's Corroding Fingers'

B2.2 Invasion Of Russia

B2.3 'Do Your Worst, And We Will Do Our Best'

B3.1 Meeting With Roosevelt

B3.2 'How Near Is The U.S. To War?'

B3.3 Japan Attacks Pearl Harbour

B3.4 'Look At The Londoners'

B3.5 'Some Chicken...Some Neck!'

B3.6 'Blood, Tears, Toil And Sweat'

B3.7 'The Infernal Combustion Engine'

B3.8 Unconditional Surrender

B4.1 The Atomic Bomb

B4.2 The Iron Curtain

B5 'This Is Your Victory'