The Big Ball

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Genre: Rock, Pop, Folk Rock, Pop Rock, Psychedelic Rock


A1 –The Fifth Avenue Band Nice Folks 2:25

A2 –John Sebastian Red-Eye Express 2:53

A3 –The Beach Boys This Whole World 1:55

A4 –Geoff & Maria Muldaur New Orleans Hopscop Blues 2:45

A5 –Arlo Guthrie Coming In To Los Angeles 3:08

A6 –Eric Andersen I Was The Rebel, She Was The Cause 2:34

A7 –Norman Greenbaum Jubilee 2:56

A8 –Savage Grace Ivy 4:00

B1 –Van Morrison Caravan 4:57

B2 –Fleetwood Mac Oh Well 9:00

B3 –The Pentangle Sally Go Round The Roses 3:36

B4 –Jethro Tull Nothing Is Easy 4:20

B5 –Small Faces Flying 4:12

B6 –Family No Mule's Fool 3:14

B7 –Kinks When I Turn Out The Living Room Light 2:15

C1 –The Everly Brothers I'm On My Way Home Again 2:25

C2 –Tim Buckley Happy Time 3:15

C3 –Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi 2:16

C4 –Neil Young The Loner 3:55

C5 –Gordon Lightfoot Approaching Lavender 2:56

C6 –Randy Newman Mama Told Me Not To Come 2:12

C7 –James Taylor Fire And Rain 3:20

C8 –Dion Sit Down Old Friend 3:22

D1 –Ed Sanders The Illiad 4:05

D2a –GTO's Kansas And The BTO's 1:13

D2b –GTO's The Captain's Fat Theresa Shoes 2:35

D2c –Captain Beefheart Ella Guru 2:23

D2d –GTO's The Original GTO's 1:06

D2e –The Mothers Of Invention WPLJ 3:02

D2f –Wild Man Fischer The Taster & The Story Of The Taster 2:55

D2g –Pearls Before Swine Footnote 1:16

D3 –The Grateful Dead Turn On Your Love Light 6:30