Who, The: “Tommy”

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Genre: Rock, Acid Rock, Art Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Psychedelic Rock


A1 Overture / It's A Boy 5:58

A2 You Didn't Hear It 2:48

A3 Amazing Journey / Sparks 7:09

A4 Eyesight To The Blind 2:11

B1 Christmas 4:31

B2 Cousin Kevin 4:03

B3 The Acid Queen 3:33

B4 Underture 9:59

C1 Do You Think It's Alright? / Fiddle About 1:51

C2 Pinball Wizard 3:00

C3 There's A Doctor I Found 0:23

C4 Go To The Mirror Boy 3:46

C5 Tommy Can You Hear Me? 1:34

C6 Smash The Mirror 1:32

C7 Sensation 2:24

D1 Miracle Cure 0:11

D2 Sally Simpson 4:08

D3 I'm Free 2:39

D4 Welcome 4:30

D5 Tommy's Holiday Camp 1:01

D6 We're Not Gonna Take It 7:02