Firesign Theatre, The: “I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus”

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Genre: Non-Music, Comedy


A Properly Religious Opening 18:32

A1 Toad Away 3:19

A2 Sodom And Jubilee 3:15

A3 Freezing Mr. Foster 2:38

A4 I Was A Cock-Teaser For Roosterama! 3:05

A5 Deputy Dan Has No Friends 2:28

A6 The Someday Funnies 1:56

A7 A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Inqusition 1:42

The T.V. Set 18:44

B1 The T.B. Guide 5:50

B2 40 Great Unclaimed Melodies! (Live From The Ash Grove 11/15/70) 2:27

B3 The Chinchilla Show 2:39

B4 Live From The Senate Bar (If You Call That Living) 2:55

B5 Minority Street 1:11

B6 Dr. Whiplash 3:24

Animals Vegetables And Minerals 18:55

C1 Echo Poem 2:02

C2 The Small Animal Administration 1:54

C3 The Giant Toad 1:04

C4 The T.V. Glide 3:34

C5 Balliol Bros. 0:45

C6 Poop's Principles 2:25

C7 International Youth-Sex On Parade 1:41

C8 Brickbreaking 2:03

C9 Coal! 3:00

It's Sure Realistic! 17:54

D1 Duke Of Madness Motors 1:23

D2 Mark Time! 3:52

D3 Driving For Dopers 4:29

D4 Praise The Hoove! 2:22

D5 Bob's Brazerko Lounge 0:57

D6 $100.00 Ben 3:19

D7 Sleep 1:07