Conception Corporation, The: “Conceptionland And Other States Of Mind”

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Genre: Non-Music, Comedy


A1 Rock And Roll Classroom 4:29

A2 The All-Night Obituary Of The Air 0:50

A3 An Open Letter To The Youth Of America 2:14

A4 The Late News 2:17

A5 The Famous Judges School 1:08

A6 The Obituary Continues 0:26

A7 Abortion 1:56

A8 The Wholesome Prison Blues 3:45

A9 The Obituary Continues 0:34

A10 Love Of Grass 4:15

Conceptionland 25:39

B1 Introduction 0:24

B2 The Ego Trip 0:52

B3 The Great Predicto 0:26

B4 Swedish Orgy 2:11

B5 The Photographer 0:09

B6 The Voyage Of The Titanic 3:02

B7 Announcement 0:10

B8 The Mendicant 0:05

B9 The Hot Dog Stand 0:04

B10 The Mendicant Returns 0:03

B11 The Accident 0:11

B12 Again The Mendicant 0:03

B13 The Wax Museum 1:01

B14 A Warning 0:12

B15 The Amazing Dope-A-Matic 0:48

B16 A Passerby 0:06

B17 Announcement 0:17

B18 Welcome To Bummerland 0:32

B19 The Downer 1:56

B20 Refreshment Stand 0:07

B21 Dunk The Cop 0:38

B22 Announcement 0:04

B23 Refreshment Stand 0:06

B24 The Side Show 1:57

B25 The Flea Circus 0:41

B26 Announcement 0:06

B27 Refreshment Stand 0:06

B28 The Mad Doctor 0:47

B29 Cotton Candy 0:04

B30 The Auction 1:51

B31 Refreshment Stand 0:08

B32 The Wizard Of Conceptionland 0:16

B33 More Auction 0:15

B34 The Shooting Gallery 1:10

B35 Announcement 0:05

B36 Test Your Weakness 0:50

B37 More Auction 0:13

B38 The First Poets 2:16

B39 Ending 0:30