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LP Condition: Very Good

Sleeve Condition: Very Good

Notes: Label variation, original inner sleeves

Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Prog Rock


A1 Finding My Way 5:03

A2 Need Some Love 2:16

A3 Take A Friend 4:27

A4 Home Again 7:30

B1 What You're Doing 4:19

B2 In The Mood 3:36

B3 Before And After 5:53

B4 Working Man 7:07

C1 Anthem 4:10

C2 Best I Can 3:24

C3 Beneath, Between And Behind 3:00

By-Tor And The Snow Dog 8:57

C4-I At The Tobes Of Hades

C4-II Across The Styx

C4-III Of The Battle

C4-IV Epilogue


D1 Fly By Night 3:20

D2 Making Memories 2:56

D3 Rivendell 5:00

D4 In The End 6:51

E1 Bastille Day 4:36

E2 I Think I'm Going Bald 3:35

E3 Lakeside Park 4:07

The Necromancer

E4-I Into Darkness 4:20

E4-II Under The Shadow 4:25

E4-III Return Of The Prince 3:51

Fountain Of Lamneth

F-I In The Valley 4:17

F-II Didacts And Narpets 1:00

F-III No One At The Bridge 4:15

F-IV Panacea 3:12

F-V Bacchus Plateau 3:12

F-VI The Fountain 3:48