Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra: “Chariots Of The Gods? (Original Soundtrack)”

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Genre: Electronic, Jazz, Stage & Screen, Soundtrack, Easy Listening, Score, Ambient


A1 Reminiscences Of The Future - Nazca: Imaginary Landing In Peru (Ouverture Featuring Theme From Chariots Of The Gods) 2:10

A2 Valley Of The Gods 3:35

A3 Popular Myth And Destruction Of Sodom 1:18

A4 Chichen Itza Temple Of The Virgins 2:23

A5 The Bible Book Of Ezekiel 1:53

A6 The Red Sea 1:05

A7 The Obelisk Of Karnak 1:18

A8 Stars And Rockets 1:33

A9 Gods From Strange Planets 2:03

B1 Returning To The Stars 2:31

B2 Rocket Science 0:51

B3 Tula Monumental Sculptures 1:15

B4 Cult Music And Mussel Horn 0:56

B5 The Pyramid Of Cholula (Theme From Chariots Of The Gods) 1:35

B6 Lake Titicaca 2:20

B7 Wondina Came From Heaven To The Mortals 1:15

B8 Easter Island 3:47

B9 Angel Of Promise 1:09

B10 The Flying God From Palenque (Finale Featuring Theme From Chariots Of The Gods) 1:14